Staff Outsourcing

Striking the right balance in focussing on an organisations core competence and the management of its human resources can be a herculean task. At TWPC, we take on the management of the entire life cycle of the employee from recruitment to exit as a third party service provider whilst allowing you to focus on tour core competence.

We maintain for this service a large database of prequalified employees ready to be deployed to respective clients on a needs basis.


Business Process Outsourcing

We assume responsibility for specific business processes allowing you to focus on your core while we take on the hassle of administering those functions on your behalf. These business functions include:

  • Payroll Management
  • Human Resources Department
  • Customer Service Department
  • Website and Social Media Management

Expatriate Management

Whether it’s a temporary or continuing and permanent assignment in Nigeria, TWPC partners with you to ensure that expats are within the confines of the law at any given time. Our services include the procurement of

– Expatriate Quotas

– Business Permits

-Temporary Work Permits (TWPs)

– Subject to Regularisation Visas (STR)

– Monthly Returns