Understanding Generation Z- the new entrants to the workplace.

Generation Z refers to young people who were born between roughly 1996 and 2010.- those who typically were born into a technologically advanced world that is simply unable to do without the internet.

As recruiters and perhaps potential employers of labour, it is important to understand the characteristics that define these new set of job seekers so as to be able to manage their expectations and help them to succeed in life.

Characteristics of Gen Z

  1. They are technologically advanced from an early age and learn to use smart phones very early in life.
  2. They develop a strong ability to communicate electronically via mobile apps and online platforms even before they start school.
  3. They have an incredible ability to search out information on the internet and absorb copious amounts of information.
  4. They are strong multi-taskers, able to handle diverse tasks and projects at the same time
  5. Their attention span is very low unfortunately and they are ready to move on to the next activity within short time periods
  6. They tend to be more independent and autonomous than millennials (the Generation before them) and many of them are eager to start their own businesses much earlier in life.

Motivating Gen Z

A good understanding of the above traits will go a long way in placing Gen Zers in the workplace. Monotonous or routine jobs would be a turn off for these high paced set of employees. Tasks that enhance their innate creative abilities and promote an entrepreneurial spirit would be very desirable and would stimulate increased productivity and performance.  

Long gone are the days of long service in companies. The new generation, not unlike the Millennials are not looking forward to long service company awards. They are highly mobile and enjoy the here and now. Jobs that enable them to be involved in projects and where possible allow them to travel and work remotely would be best suited for this cohort.

 Fluid workplace arrangements with less rigid structures, policies and practices may very soon become the order of the day in even the most conservative of corporate organisations.

TOUTISM – an unwelcome industry and a generational scourge?

Driving through the streets of Lagos one cannot help but notice a growing number of able-bodied youth and young adults loitering or wandering aimlessly at all hours of the day and night, seeking those to whom they can render some service or the other.

A tout can be described as an illegal salesman or someone who attempts to sell something by a direct or persistent approach.

The word ‘toutism’ does not exist in any English dictionary but I have coined the word to describe what has long become an industry in Nigeria, where the homeless and disadvantaged youth have found what they deem to be a potential career in the absence of parental or third-party assistance.

Many of these young people grow up on the streets of Lagos, having escaped from broken or abusive homes, mingling with like-minded youth who initiate them and teach them how to survive on the streets.

Sleeping under trailers, in front of shop premises, along the perimeter of church fences or simply finding shelter under a pile of rubble or planks, these young people wake up early in the morning; just as we all do, to seek their daily wages.

A few of them with some modicum of dignity and self-worth would make extra effort to look presentable by seeking places to bathe and keep their few clothes clean.  Even in abject poverty, you would see them make the effort to keep their shirts buttoned up, and their countenance pleasant and friendly.

With their meager earnings gained from street begging, some would buy some inconsequential items  (like tissue packs) to peddle to commuters in traffic. Some would attempt to render some service such as parking assistance or service guides to the unsuspecting public. Others would simply lean on cars in traffic recanting some pitiable tale or the other, with the expectation that they would receive their daily ‘wages’.

This unwelcome persistent invasion into the space of the commuters is what I describe as toutism- a bane in our Nigerian society where the rich or well to do are constantly harassed to part with some of their wealth to support the livelihood of the severely disadvantaged on our streets.

The dearth of properly structured public or privately funded social assistance programs is evident in our society. The number of young adults hitting the streets on a daily basis as a result of job losses, parental abandonment or lack of job or trade opportunity is simply overwhelming. 

Amongst these groups are potential leaders of Nigeria- bright, highly intelligent and trainable looking for the assistance of any kind to forge ahead and secure their future.

Toutism should not be an acceptable career. It certainly should not be an industry, if more public, private as well as not for profit organizations would invest in destroying this bane by committing resources to reunite these children and young adults with family members and then assisting with their educational development so that they can be self-sustaining through a chosen career or trade.

 We should all commit to making a difference by joining one of these organizations to destroy toutism in our society.

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The human resource function requires a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing and developing people, organizational culture and the working environment. Human resource management deals with recruitment, training and development, performance, motivation and communication. Line managers should be able to carry out these functions within their respective teams and thereby assisting to ensure a smooth running of the organization.

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  • Training and development.
  • Performance Appraisals.

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  • Identify and use proficiently an effective performance appraisal
  • Understand the functions of training and development and its importance to the organization.

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Story Of Great Sales Representatives

In many companies, the best sales representatives may earn as much, even sometimes more than several senior members of the company, and the Chief Executive is delighted at their success. The Chief Executive knows that these sales reps are the places where sales are won and lost. Marketing attracts prospects; it usually takes a top sales representative to transform a prospect into an instant customer.

First-rate people who sell well have five things in common:

1.         They love to sell.

2.         They enjoy people.

3.         They have a sincere and high degree of enthusiasm.

4.         The know their product, their customers and their prospects.

5.         They believe they will close every sale.

These winning sales representatives are dressed in a manner to inspire confidence. They are so neat and clean that the prospect unconsciously assumes the entire company has its act equally together and buttoned up. They talk clearly, use gestures, smile, and engage in eye contact. In addition, they use the prospect’s name whenever possible. And they orient all their remarks to that prospect.

Although great sales reps are born that way, others can also be trained to be great. Repeated sales training, is how this happens.

Great sales reps would rather be out in the field selling than sitting in an office. They love the action and gratification that comes with being in customer premises closing a sale – and helping their prospect.

Ten Tests Of A First Rate Intelligence

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same time and retain the ability to function. Here are ten such tests:

1.        Combining confidence with humility.

2.        Envisioning success without underestimating competition.

3.        Being individualistic while identifying with the group.

4.        Maintaining loyalty to the organization while having the courage to criticize it.

5.        Mixing the risk of failure with a need to succeed.

6.        Finding own style while contributing to the team.

7.        Having well-defined plans and procedures while improvising.

8.        Being disciplined and yet being creative.

9.        Holding specialist job and acting multi-skilled.

10.     Carefully analyzing yet acting fast.

Source: David Freedman’s CORPS BUSINESS