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Analyzing and Visualizing Data with
Microsoft Excel and Power BI

The course is designed to give you hands-on with data analysis and visualization in Excel, and equip you with a deep understanding of complex data visualization in Power BI.

The participant will engage with informative case studies that will help them engage with digital tools to work efficiently, report better and make informed decisions where big-data is involved.

1st – 4th April, 2020

Power BI is quickly gaining popularity among organization in helping them visualize data accurately. This tool helps team easily visualize and share insights from their organizations’ data. The course will be treating the data manipulation using Excel and advance business analysis using Power BI.

  • Connect, import, shape, and transform data for business intelligence (BI)
  • Visualize data, author reports, and schedule automated refresh of your reports
  • Create and share dashboards based on reports in Power BI desktop and Excel
  • Use natural language queries
  • Create real-time dashboards

Course Content

Day 1

  • Connect and Import from data sources.
  • Perform transformations
  • Cleanse data.
  • Measure performance by using KPIs, gauges and
  • Create hierarchies.

Day 2

  • Modelling and Visualizing Data
  • Create and optimize data models.
  • Create and manage Pivot Charts

Day 3

  • Interact with Power BI
  • Create and format interactive visualizations.
  • Manage custom reporting solutions.

Day 4

  • Configure Dashboards Reports and Apps in the
    Power BI Service
  • Create calculated columns, calculated tables, and measures.

Data = Understanding

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”


1st – 4th April, 2020

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