Master the art of data-driven web application development using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Python 3, and Django. This training is designed to cover everything you need to build industry standard web-based applications using Python, Django, and many more web technologies.  In addition to the training, you will also be trained in industry-standard Automated testing processes using Selenium.

You will learn to :

  • Build a fully functional web application using the Full-Stack with Django
  • You learn the proper use of CSS to create a beautifully styled layout
  • Use JavaScript to create frontend interactivity and manipulate the DOM
  • Learn the power of Python to code out your application
  • Implement a full MVC structure for your application
  • You will also learn the power and ease of using Bootstrap to gain speed in front-end development and quickly styling
  • You will enjoy the power of Django as a backend for your application
  • Our databased of Choice for this project will be PostgreSQL
  • Implementing ORM
  • Class-Based View
  • User Authentication and more…