Story Of Great Sales Representatives

In many companies, the best sales representatives may earn as much, even sometimes more than several senior members of the company, and the Chief Executive is delighted at their success. The Chief Executive knows that these sales reps are the places where sales are won and lost. Marketing attracts prospects; it usually takes a top sales representative to transform a prospect into an instant customer.

First-rate people who sell well have five things in common:

1.         They love to sell.

2.         They enjoy people.

3.         They have a sincere and high degree of enthusiasm.

4.         The know their product, their customers and their prospects.

5.         They believe they will close every sale.

These winning sales representatives are dressed in a manner to inspire confidence. They are so neat and clean that the prospect unconsciously assumes the entire company has its act equally together and buttoned up. They talk clearly, use gestures, smile, and engage in eye contact. In addition, they use the prospect’s name whenever possible. And they orient all their remarks to that prospect.

Although great sales reps are born that way, others can also be trained to be great. Repeated sales training, is how this happens.

Great sales reps would rather be out in the field selling than sitting in an office. They love the action and gratification that comes with being in customer premises closing a sale – and helping their prospect.