Leveraging digital tools for business growth

Leveraging Digital Tools for Business Growth

A vibrant online presence is a powerful marketing and communications tool for any business. Not only is it a cost-efficient platform, it is also an irreplaceable requirement necessary for business growth. 

As a matter of fact, in the last 5 years, the growth of internet usage has permanently changed the way businesses go about their communication. 

Businesses now use the internet as an asset to drive growth as well as amplify their objectives.  

The following are some digital and online tools you should consider for your business:

Social Media Strategy 

The effective use of Social Media could translate to free advertising with its attendant organic growth, thereby bolstering quick ROI. 

This means it’s a good channel to determine where your audience is and what kind of content resonates with them. 

One of the most distinct advantages of social media is the availability of a direct connection with your audience. You can also learn a lot about your competition, build authority,  attain thought leadership and create awareness using social media.


Blogging; a many-sided advantageous strategy to further showcase your expertise and be noticed beyond social media. 

Having a blog can also help you drive your content strategy and marketing efforts.

This means telling the world that you are who you are in the knowledge area. With this, you are known and trusted for certain kinds of content and knowledge base. 

The impact to your audience translates to you building strong authority, thought leadership and SEO. 

Paid Digital Advertising 

Pay-per-click advertising can be tricky when you have to determine your Return On Investments, especially when you have not outlined goals from the beginning.  

However, when your goals are aligned, with assistance from tech experts, (TWPC Tech) you will reap the benefits of investing in advertising.  

Be it Google Ads, Social media channels or email marketing, paid advertisements can give you a reach beyond your immediate audience and bring with it the promise of filling your sales funnel with new leads and conversions. 

Local SEO 

Local SEO is leveraging digital tools in a way that pulls local customers to your business at the exact time they are looking for your products or services. 

It makes your local businesses visible to local customers when they search for services/products online. 

Most search engines consider the location of the searcher before showing search results.  

Your Local SEO strategy is to make sure that the business listing or website shows up when a search happens. 

Leveraging local SEO when you have a physical office location is essential for your business. 

Digital Analytics 

It’s important to know your business from the data you generate.

With analytics, you get to know “if”, “where” and “how” your business is doing well.

Good analytics helps you make better business decisions.

Digital analytics tools include Google Analytics, Moz and Webmaster. 

Data from these tools can help you determine the right audience for your business as well as their behavioral patterns.

When doing analytics for your business, the following metrics will help you:

  1. Audience Demographics 
  2. Consumer behavior.  
  3. Online and Web traffic 

In conclusion, you should visit this blog regularly for an astute insight into informed business decision making, with the right digital tools.